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Based on either the biaxial or rocking oven principle the ovens may be Natural or LPG Gas fired.  Depending on oven speed and size, burners with ratings from 120,000 Btu/hr to 3.5 million Btu/hr are employed.

Heavy duty construction is used throughout. Mild steel outer skins for the oven with low thermal mass stainless steel linings are used which give fast heat up and rapid cooling times.  High efficiency ceramic insulation materials are used in the oven construction, giving low energy consumption. 

Latest motor control technology provides smooth low power demand motion control.

Rugged drive systems, with all bearings and transmissions out of the oven environment give long life and easy maintenance.

The oven systems are extremely compact and may be free standing or installed in custom pits specifically designed to accommodate the larger machines.

The tooling capacity of the machines currently available range from 500mm cube x 75 kg up to 6 metres long x 2.5 metres wide x 2 tonnes.  All sizes and loadings may be adjusted to suit your range requirement.

Sorcerer Rotomoulding Machines have a wealth of unique features including:

  • Programmable control providing continuously variable, independent or inter-dependent, speed and angle motion control throughout the heating and cooling cycle of both axis.

  • Production proven easy to use Windows based control system with full historic logging of process parameter.

  • Total environmental temperature control allowing large products with multicolour and multiple layer mouldings of the highest quality standards to be manufactured. Repeatability assured.

  • Multiple air/water/inert gas injection systems, programmed into the moulding and cooling cycles, control shrinkage, aid cooling and enhance product performance in terms of impact strength and stability

  • Real time monitoring and data acquisition during processing enables moulders to get their cycle time set-ups `right first time`. 

  • Designed to give a flexible production strategy, fast tool set-up aids you to run a large number of tools of varying size in any sequence and any order.  Short runs of `simple tools` are easy to incorporate into a production system that is moulding complex products having inserts and graphics with minimal interruption.

See our Machines in Action

movie 1

Movie 1
This specially designed and commissioned machine utilises a unique infra-red heating system and, for the first time ever, combines drives and controls allowing both biaxial and rocking processing methods to be explored and the results compared within one machine.  The equipment has proved a valuable asset for research into the moulding requirements of specialist materials

Click here to view the process of making a mouldling

movie 2

Boat Movie
This machine is capable of moulding products up to 6m long and up to 2.5m diameter. Semi automatic operation allows multilayer mouldings to be routinely produced. Because of the ability to produce a complex program of speeds and angles of both axis, material wall thicknesses and colour distribution can be manipulated to suit the product

Click here to view the process of making a mouldling

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